Mastering Your Website’s Performance: A Comprehensive guide how to use google search console

First let’s Know, what is a Google Search Console. Then we could understand how to use google search console

Google Search Console is a web service provided by Google that allows website owners, administrators, and webmasters to monitor and manage how their website appears in Google search results. It offers valuable insights and tools to help optimize a website’s performance in search engines. This tool provides information about how Google’s search engine crawls, indexes, and ranks your website’s pages. Here are some key features and functionalities of Google Search Console:

how to use google search console dashboard

Search Performance: This section provides data on how often your website’s pages appear in Google search results, the keywords users used to find your site, and the click-through rates for each page.

Index Coverage: It shows which of your website’s pages are indexed by Google and whether there are any issues preventing certain pages from being indexed properly.

URL Inspection: You can manually inspect how Google’s crawler views a specific URL on your website. This helps you understand how Google sees your pages and whether there are any issues.

URL Inspection google search console.

How Can Succes URL Inspection (how to use google search console)

Before submitting URL inspection you have to set up a text code into your domain nameservers,

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Get Code for verification

  1. As you submit your domain for verification the verification window provides you a text code
how to use google search console txt code

2. copy text code and submit the code to your domain name servers

3. Submit txt code in the verification below the same window “type” should be TXT then save.

how to use google search console submiting txt code

Sitemaps: You can submit a sitemap of your website to help Google better understand your website’s structure and content, allowing for more effective crawling and indexing.

How to submit a sitemap?

There are many ways to submit a site map in my case it is very easy to get a site map and submit it very easily into the Google search console for crawling data. I’m using the “Rankmath” SEO plugin in this plugin you get a site map automatically.

How to find a sitemap in WordPress

How to find a sitemap in WordPress

Mobile Usability: This feature highlights any mobile usability issues on your website, helping you ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and accessible to users on various devices.

Mobile Usability google search console

Security Issues: Google Search Console alerts you if there are any security issues detected on your website, such as malware or hacking attempts.

Links: You can see information about the external and internal links pointing to your website, helping you analyze your website’s backlink profile and internal linking structure.

Manual Actions: If Google takes manual action against your website due to violations of their guidelines, you’ll receive notifications here along with details on how to address the issues.

Core Web Vitals: This newer feature provides insights into your website’s user experience, focusing on loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability.

Enhancements: It offers guidance on improving structured data markup on your site, which can enhance the way your site’s information is displayed in search results.

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Using Google Search Console, website owners, and administrators can gather valuable information about their website’s performance in search results, identify issues that might impact visibility, and take action to optimize their site for better search engine rankings and user experience.

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