Tech News 2023: Samsung releases new Galaxy tablets, OnePlus reveals the first foldable smartphone and Check Details for Google Pixel 8

Samsung releases new Galaxy tablets, OnePlus reveals the first foldable smartphone, and more

OnePlus Reveals The First Foldable Smartphone

The IT industry had many noteworthy launches and announcements this week. The second week of October saw a number of noteworthy tech launches in India, including the debut of Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab A9 and A9 Plus and the foray into the foldable smartphone market by two industry heavyweights, OnePlus and Oppo.

Let’s examine the top tech news articles from this week in more detail.

OnePlus reveals the first foldable smartphone 2023

With the unveiling of its brand-new OnePlus Open, tech giant OnePlus is prepared to join the foldable smartphone market. The smartphone will have a sophisticated, portable, and thin design. The foldable phone will have a virtually undetectable screen wrinkle, unmatched image capabilities, effective software, and unwavering quality. The smartphone will reportedly be unveiled on October 19 in Mumbai. Book Your Seat Now

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It has officially been confirmed that the OnePlus Open will arrive on Thursday, October 19, 2023, competing with Google, Samsung, and Motorola to become the newest fashionable foldable phone. Regarding cost, rumors have claimed that the OnePlus Open may retail for $1,699 in the US (about $1,380/AU$ 2,645), placing it $100 less expensive than the Google Pixel Fold and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.


OnePlus reveals the first foldable smartphone

It is expected that the OnePlus Open would have a similar vertically dependent design to some of the most well-known competitors on the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. Renders from the always-reliable OnLeaks, purportedly based on a prototype device in the testing phase, showcase a foldable with OnePlus’s own take on the well-known book-style form factor. It appears that the firm is trying to find a compromise between the thickset, more expansive Oppo Find N2 and the altitudinous, narrow aspect rate of the Z Fold 5. Because of their close friendship, The Open will really take inspiration from Oppo’s galère.

A fake leather back, an indirect camera module modeled after the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Pad, and a point detector embedded in the cinch button are among the other elements seen in the mockups. Since then, as you can see below, more recent renderings have emerged, revealing the same OnePlus Open design. Additionally, the source states that the cover display will be 6.31 elevation and the folding screen will be 7.8 elevation.

Here’s how a seven-year-old phone stands up after seven years of upgrades for the Pixel 8.

A phone ought to endure for a very long period, but how long is too long? For the next seven years, the Google Pixel 8 will receive significant OS upgrades and new features; yet, that may be too long. In comparison to phones in 2030, how will this one fare? I wondered if the Pixel’s priority should be elsewhere after thinking back to my favorite phones from seven years ago, including a Galaxy S7 that is still functional.

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Which smartphones were introduced seven years prior? It was a very significant year for cell phones in 2016. With the release of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung cemented its new position at the top of the smartphone market. The iPhone 7, which would be the final flagship iPhone model, was released by Apple.

OnePlus reveals the first foldable smartphone More Features

The most intriguing development was that Google discontinued using the Nexus name in 2016 in favor of the new Google Pixel range. After splitting with Huawei, the company that made the Nexus 6P the previous year, Google set out to design its own phone from the ground up. Seven years ago, the Pixel and Pixel XL were introduced, one month after Apple’s iPhone 7.

Naturally, this means that the original Pixel would be receiving its final software update at this very now if Google had pledged the same number of years of maintenance for it as it does for the Pixel 8. Could Android 14 be run on a Pixel original phone? Let’s investigate more closely.

Explore Google Pixel 8: How has the past 7 years changed? Nearly everything

Prioritize the most significant alterations during the previous seven years. Of these three phones, the Galaxy S7 has the biggest display at 5.1 inches. The Pixel debuted with a 5-inch display, whereas the iPhone 7 sported a 4.7-inch screen. The iPhone continued to utilize a premium IPS LCD, but the Pixel and Galaxy both used OLED.

Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8 Display and Features

That year’s Galaxy S7 boasted one of the sharpest phone displays ever. It had a pixel density of 577 ppi, compared to just 326 ppi for the iPhone 7’s supposedly “Retina” display. Even the latest Pixel 8, with its excellent Actua display, has a 428ppi screen. It’s obvious that the increased pixel density wasn’t needed.

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The iPhone 7 was the first iPhone to lack a headphone connector, which permanently damaged the whole consumer electronics sector. The Galaxy S7 and the first Pixel phone both lacked a headphone port. Apple, please, why did you have to take off the headphone jack? Of all the ports, this one is the oldest and most respected. Please bring it back!

Google Pixel 8 Connectors

The Lightning connection, first seen on the iPhone 5, was used by the iPhone 7. MicroUSB was utilized by the Galaxy S7. One of the first phones with our modern connector, the Pixel, uses USB-C. Although it took seven years for all of the main phone manufacturers to agree on a single charging connector, we are glad that the time has come.

The batteries were smaller back then since the phones were smaller. The initial Pixel merely had a 2,770 mAh battery, whereas the Pixel 8 of today has a 4,575 mAh cell inside. Even yet, I wish more phone manufacturers would go all out and provide us with massive internal batteries—the more capacity, the better. Maybe there will be another size increase in seven years.

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